It all started with our love for our little equestrians

Welcome to Moá Mae! Our name tells a story of unity and new beginnings in the equestrian world. 'Moá' is drawn from 'مؤازرة' (Mu'azara), an Arabic word that means support, reflecting the deep bond of trust and partnership between a horse and rider, mother and daughter. 'Mae' comes from "May" the daughter of one of the founders who's the inspiration behind the brand as a little passionate equestrian herself.

At Moá Mae, we infuse these values into our clothing line for kids and women. We're all about making riders feel confident and comfortable, with designs that are practical, stylish, and fun. Our apparel is crafted to complement the special connection riders share with their horses, enhancing their experience whether in competition, training, or leisure rides.

Join the Moá Mae family, where every piece of clothing celebrates the harmony and support between you and your horse.